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Data Recovery Experts

Been told “We can’t get your data back” or “It’ll cost you $2,000?”

Probably not.  We probably can get your data back -- and for far less money.

Mac or PC, all your data is there on the drive.  If the drive itself is not spinning or has a mechanical problem, you may be in big trouble.

But most people are not.

Most places either don’t know how to recover, or want to sell you a new drive and turn a quick profit on it.

If you insist, they'll send it out and take a substantial referral fee from a place that charges you $2,000.

But we only charge $105 to pick up your drive and evaluate it.  If we can recover some data, we will call you and quote you a fixed price to do so, usually $350 or less.

If we can’t recover data, we charge you only $105.

If we can recover data, we charge $35 for returning your drive plus about $100 for another drive on which to put your recovered data (you keep the drive).

This is the best deal on recovery anywhere.

And we're very good at data recovery -- really, really good.

MacFixers, how do you make Macs & PCs run better than new?

1) put in more RAM, so the computer can process more in its “brain” without having to use hard drive space, which is slower.

2) get a bigger hard drive. A larger hard drive means that files can be stored all in one place, rather than scattered around the hard drive platters. Programs can grab chunks of data and space in which to work.

3) upgrade to a faster hard drive, which makes everything go faster, from startup to program loading and document opening. A 7200 rpm drive just about doubles your speed.

4) install better software, including system updates, which are frequently applied improperly. Correct updating can often make the machine faster than new.

5) add software with more features, such as one keystroke to see how hard your computer is working, your internet speed, what freeway traffic looks like, and the latest weather forecast.

 6) show you how to use free software to keep your computer running fast and safe from harm.  

Beyond that, we can make your overall computing better than new:

7) by installing front-end power supplies to protect your machine from power problems, which an IBM study said causes 40 percent of computer damage.

8) we can set up back-end systems so everything on your computer is preserved on external drives so you never lose your emails, photos, music, and other precious documents.

9) we can even arrange for completely private off-site lock-box backup storage, so if your computer is ransacked or lost in a fire, we can use that backup on a new machine -- so it will look exactly as it did when we last picked up your backup drive.

10) we will always treat you with respect, unlike snotty salespeople or arrogant technicians.  We will always travel to you and never make you wait in line.  We will always bill you for less than we actually do.

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